Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Merry Wedding

Jay and Lynnae’s wedding was magical and we were honored that Jon and The Littles were a part of the bridal party. I held accessories and tried to keep us in the right spot and manage runny noses. On the big day, Little J woke up with a fever in the night. We marveled that we could go out and buy kids’ medicine. It was so convenient. ;)

IMG 5029

Getting their sashes tied by their new friend, sister-of-the-bride, Lacey.

IMG 5103


IMG 5119

This is how Little J felt almost all day. They both held it together well in spite of not feeling well. Maybe it’s all this American food. Ha!

IMG 5095

I love these three!

IMG 5041

The bridesmaids were so sweet to the girls and really worked to make them feel comfortable.

IMG 5052

Talking with the bride and groom. 

IMG 5065

Trying to smile for pictures. 

IMG 5110

The one that can be framed.

IMG 5111

The reality of the same shot. Little A tries to help J smile and I think Papa is also trying to cheer them up.

IMG 5134

I love the siblings God gave me!  All of their spouses have been huge blessings, additional brothers and sisters. 

IMG 5117

Here is one very lovely, very happy grandma. 

IMG 5147

Playing in the decorations. Because near the end of a day full of activity, we do what it takes. 

IMG 5157

“Look Mama, it snowed in my hair!” Fake, glittery snow is not easy to get out but it does lend a magical feeling. :)

IMG 5139

IMG 5159

After a day full or smiles, they were still going strong!

IMG 5173

IMG 5174

Driving away with a Christmas tree on top of the truck.

Sigh, so incredibly sweet!



sarah.flyingkites said...

Thanks for posting - what a gorgeous wedding!

Loving all the posts from you, lately. Continued prayers...

Mindy said...

Beautiful wedding!!!

Oh my, I cringed at the snow her hair!! Eek! haha!!

Jessica said...

Awe! How sweet! Beautiful pictures!

Pam said...

Every thing is gorgeous!! Love it!!

Lori said...

Thanks so much for giving us a glimpse of the day. We so wanted to be there to celebrate! It looked so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Aww......loved being a part of the special day! It was all just sooo fun! One we will remember... One of the highlights was definitely seeing you guys! What joy! I had to work to control the tears, but honestly, it was just soo good to see you all! Praying for God's grace and blessings upon you as you spend time in the States with family and friends!! Thanks for posting pictures... it was truly amazing and did I mention, soo fun!

Love you guys! Heidi

Todd ~ Teresa said...

It WAS magical! Great post! I had to smile with the pic of Jay carrying her purse. He is smitten!