Wednesday, December 10, 2014

We Went Down To The River To Pray

Bright and early on the Sunday morning before our visitors left, we went out on Lake Tana, in search of hippos. The giant creatures were nowhere to be seen but we were out on a holiday celebrating Mary and we also stopped at an island monastery that is dedicated to Mary. Along the river bank, people were worshipping and waiting on a small boat to take them to the island.

SAM 1031

It was a beautiful sight.

SAM 1035

The girls watch pelicans and worshippers as Jon and Dad talk about how amazing a ski boat would be. 

SAM 1055


SAM 1060

The line of people, waiting on a boat.

SAM 1063

SAM 1071

We docked at the island.

SAM 1100

Worshippers inside the monastery compound. We didn’t go in because services were taking place.

SAM 1125

A memorable Sunday morning, to be sure!

 I had packed snacks that were supposed to be breakfast but got all weird about eating them...

SAM 0986

You just never know and the theme song for “Gilligan’s Island” was on replay in my brain and I started to think about how long the food and water would last us. Yeah, I am really fun like that. Life is lovely and full here but very unpredictable and it always makes me feel better to face whatever crisis with plenty of food, water and toilet paper. Thankfully, the vessel was seaworthy and we made it back to shore in time to eat breakfast and I still had a very full snack bag, you know, just in case. ;)


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Anonymous said...

You were the little girl who pakced a backpack for vacation with things the whole family might need. And you carried that backpack wherever we went! You are just being consistent!