Saturday, December 20, 2014

There's Been A Whole Lot of This...

In the last week, so much time in planes, airports, cars but finally, time with family!

IMG 2737

Our transfer in Doha, Qatar

IMG 2733

On our 15 hour flight, we flew ahead of the sunrise for hours. It was beautiful and mind-boggling.

Since landing, there’s just sweetness all around!  The girls holding their new cousin, so many hugs and snuggles, rekindled memories and so many humorous comments from the girls.

IMG 4984

First meeting Lynnae, getting ready for the wedding weekend. It only took a few minutes for The Littles to warm up to her!  Lynnae is as sweet and amazing as we had heard. 

IMG 4983

IMG 2798

IMG 2808

IMG 2827

Overall, things have been pure joy but on the reality side, we have also had sick tummies, exhausted girls, runny noses and the effects of jet lag and culture shock.  We are praying we can get fully into the swing of things. 

We feel your love and support.

Our family is so thankful for our village and friends in Ethiopia and thankful for our “village” that includes all of you stateside, loving on us, graciously overlooking our meltdowns and praying for us.




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