Monday, December 15, 2014


Last night, we planned a good night of sleep as our next two will be spent in airports and airplanes. Right as Jon and I were headed to bed, a very sick Little A woke up. Let’s just say the night wasn’t great. She had a high fever along with some other miserable symptoms (no, it’s not Ebola). We tested her for malaria this morning and she tested negative.

IMG 4343

The girls sport their dresses Jon brought them from Burundi


So, this whole pack up your suitcase and travel through time zones with no one in your family sleeping for more than one hour at a time, isn’t the easiest thing and on top of that, a sick and very miserable child won’t make it any smoother. We also don’t want to get flagged at any health checkpoints. I am in support of the Ebola checkpoints and thankful for them but seeing as we are further away from Ebola in Ethiopia as Michigan is to Hawaii, I really hope our health doesn’t put us under the microscope unneccesarily. 

For those of you praying for our friend Peter, he is still in a South African hospital. They had another scare with a blood clot and it sounds like there are good days and bad days but it continues to be a serious situation. 

Can you please pray for Peter and our family’s health? Thanks so much!


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Oh Ames! Prayers and much love.

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prayers going up! Pat

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