Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Roles Grandparents Best Fill

Thanks so much for those who have prayed for Peter. (Jenny, thanks for reminding me to update here!) 

He is still in South Africa, at a hospital. They are seeing improvements and he is going to be able to avoid highly toxic medication. He has just been given a trachea as he still needs help breathing. His wife and at least two daughters are with him. I have more technical info but I don’t want to publicize things that family has not.  I can tell you more over e-mail if you are interested. Keep praying!


These pictures make me laugh and I’m so thankful for the time that we all had together. At any spare moment or sign of an empty lap, it was quickly filled by a sweet girl, snuggling in.

SAM 0219

I heard The Littles tell their dolls, “Okay sweetie, there is a nice man who is going to teach you ballet class.” and I laughed to myself as they ran out to grandpa and he gently told the “sweeties” that he didn’t know how to teach ballet. So the girls said instead he could teach a fairy class. This was met with little enthusiasm from grandpa. They decided he would instead do music class and so there they sat, singing hymns until I broke up the party. 




SAM 0865

I love this, playing Hide-n-Seek. 

There wer so many sweet moments and then those others…you know, when you find your five-year olds completely enraptured...

SAM 0926

As they watch grandma pull out an iron and improvise an iron board with a suitcase and towels and The Littles wanted to know what she was doing and why.

Yeah, there is absolutely nothing embarrassing that my five-year olds learn to iron from my mother-in-law. ;)

SAM 0992

Going on a hippo hunt!

SAM 0991

SAM 0982


 Such a sweet time!


T and M said...

You captured some great pics-how sweet grandparent time is!

I giggled at the ironing photo...I had a similar moment with my mother in law too...when Tait saw her ironing with an ironing board he said "my mom has one of those too but she never uses it". : ) oh well, gotta laugh!

Nichole said...

the hide and seek picture is the best :) and i am so thrilled for you that you were able to have sweet family time!

Mindy said...

LOVE the hide and seek picture! And I laughed out loud about the ironing! ;)

Jenny Gutwein said...

Thanks, Amy. The Hide & Seek photo is a keeper!

Carol and Doug said...

This is really sweet.
By the way, the post "We went down to the River to Pray" isn't showing up when I click on it. I'm not sure what's going on

MJgerst said...

Love all these pictures! What a sweet time you guys had together!