Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Awi Horse Races

We’ve shifted our focus, as we say goodbye to the US, we do more forward thinking to Ethiopia. Yes, that’s right, Tuesday midday through Thursday morning (It’s a long, long time to be traveling but beats a ships ETA).

Before long travels, I struggle with anxiety about, well, just about everything.  


To lighten the mood here is one of the most amazing events I’ve ever witnessed.

 A friend told us about the horse races in Injibara. We loaded up and arrived just as hundreds of people lined a huge pasture.

IMG 4655

We were so confused as two horses came out at a time and the riders wore different tribal clothes while letting out guttural shouts. 

IMG 4661

One man attacked the other horse with sticks and I was getting a little freaked out at the gore that we were going to see.

IMG 4680

After watching more closely, we realized that they were reenacting things and were aiming for their partner’s shield. I was very relieved. 

IMG 4692

IMG 4725

IMG 4810

IMG 4816

Many men sported a barefoot or stocking foot look combined with lion’s manes tied around their head or neck. 

IMG 4640

This man was in charge of keeping our section off the field. He used his stick to hit people back as it was dangerous to get on the field. He decided he liked our family and would tell everyone, “Get back, get back, but leave room for the foreigners!  This is their first time here!” He didn’t hit us once. :)

IMG 4730

And just because my pictures can’t show this scene in it’s entirety, here are a few more...

IMG 4851

IMG 4870

And hilariously, as we were mesmerized by one of the most fascinating things I have ever witnessed, the crowd around us just wanted to figure our family out. I don’t think they watched a single horse race.

IMG 4886

We then moved by the hundreds into a parade (look into the distance and you can see priests coming under brightly colored umbrellas).

IMG 4783

Then bigger groups came out, yelling and flying by. As the event continued, one tree was full of spectators.

Okay, deep breath, here we go!  Thanks for your care and prayers! 


Anonymous said...

Praying for safe fights and smooth transition! L & P

leah said...

praying for you transition and flight home!

Kim Plattner said...

Praying for you, Amy, as you make the trek home and adjust to life where God has called you. Love and ((hugs)).

teresa said...

Praying for His peace and calmness as you travel and for your family to transition well.

ps Smiling that the crowds were trying to figure out your family. It is such an awesome God story!!!!