Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Timkat Press Pass


Today is Timkat, which is an Ethiopian holiday that you can read more about it by clicking on the link, TimkatWikipedia. I wrote about it last year on the blog and again, we are in Addis Ababa for the big celebration.

IMG 5602

There are workers starting the parade by rolling out a red carpet and running the rolled up carpets from the back. The women swept before the people came.

IMG 5608

Waiting on the street...

IMG 5624

This little girl was serious about her drum...

IMG 5641

Can you find the three boys seriously into their dancing?  :)

IMG 5652

And then Little J and I were called into the crowd to ask if we could do a short interview. We were taken directly in front of the main tent where the ark of the covenant replicas were held.

IMG 5612

We had earlier noticed news cameras but now were in front of them.

IMG 5653

He called back to Jon and Little A who joined us for our little interview. 

IMG 5663

After the interview, they invited us into the heart of the action to take pictures. Jon made the wise decision to take the girls to the perimeter and I pretended like I was a news photographer, only with no idea what to actually photograph. The priests would point me in different directions. “Here, move this way, you can really see!”  

IMG 5670

It was so great to be able to mingle among the priests with their amazing umbrellas and see up close what was happening.

IMG 5674


IMG 5677  Version 2

Dancing processional

IMG 5678

IMG 5681

IMG 5689

IMG 5694

These three men held the tabots on their head.

IMG 5700

Two priests

IMG 5703  Version 2

The man on the far right is swinging an incense burner.

IMG 5705

I finally wiggled my way out of the main circle as I felt a bit out of place, but as we so often experience in this hospitable culture, people were so sharing and glad to teach foreigners a bit more about their cultural celebration.

Today the music is still pounding outside as there is a holiday associated with Timkat and all the St. Michael churches, I think one day of parades was good for us. :) 


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Kim Plattner said...

What an opportunity! : ) Would love to see that in person!