Monday, January 12, 2015

Snow Cave

Tuesday morning we fly out! Ah! So much to do before then, so, now, I’m back to blogging as my best procrastination tool.

Please pray for good goodbyes (not too many left) smooth flights, luggage and lots of patience and creativity for our family.

The Littles were so excited when coming to the USA that they may be able play in the snow and our last week, the snow came!

IMG 3231

When the uncles decide to get involved, it involves moving mass amounts of snow with equipment.
IMG 3238
Little A is riding high.
IMG 3248
When it came time to sled, The Littles took turns with their uncles but then decided to go together and this is the sledding position they chose. :)
IMG 3266
And when the wind burnt their faces, they pulled their faces and hunkered down. (Yes, those are walmart bags tied on their feet with rubber bands).
IMG 3277
Dump more snow right here...
Photo 3
It was supposed to be a snow castle but the girls decided it was more of a snow cave. :)
Photo 4
 I like to play in the snow for about 1.5 minutes. Yay for men willing to spend hours out there. 


Mindy said...

So fun that the girls got to play in the snow!

Sandra said...

Is that cave made out of something other than snow?? Looks super smooth I side the cave!! You are like me.....1.5 minutes is enough😀

cait kaehr said...

Praying for good goodbyes & safe travels! Can't wait for this summer! Love & prayers, Dan & Cait

Jon y Amy said...

Sandra, Good eye, they covered a calf hutch. It was much easier. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh. my. How fun!!!!!! Those uncles go above and beyond!! Awesome snow day memories!! Those girls have gotta have a brainload of experiences and memories living here and there and doing this/that... meeting people all over the world, God's people! Its all good!!:) So wonderful catching up with you all... we look forward to this summer of more fun, giggles and play! Praying for happy goodbyes and speedy, safe travels!! Take our love with you and know your family will continue to be uttered in our guys are a very special family!!

Heidi C.