Friday, January 9, 2015

Change Ahead

We’re still in the USA and contrary to my thoughts, I have barely been online. We’ve been surrounded by people and on the go and have barely pulled out our devices. 

Our three weeks have been full and fun, family, wedding, Christmasses, friends, presentations, church, packing and sorting. If all goes according to plan, we leave for Ethiopia on Tuesday and that is met with a mixed response. I wish we could just snap our fingers and be back in Injibara, be through the gut-wrenching goodbyes, done with airports and long flights, wrapped up with our stock up shopping in Addis Ababa and just resettled in our cozy “blueberry” house, a safe place to teeter back into our places. But, it’s not possible and so we look ahead at walking through the hard and know there are lessons to be learned there. The Littles know it’s coming and it’s bittersweet for them, but our time has been sweet and now we pray through our next transition. 

Thanks for the many of you who blessed us by your support in the last few weeks, I am so sorry for all of those friends who we were physically so close to and we didn’t connect!

Here’s a few, captionless pics of our last few weeks, it’s been so fun.

IMG 5413

IMG 5375

IMG 3090

IMG 5383

IMG 3158

IMG 5450

IMG 5507

IMG 5548

IMG 3131

IMG 5397

IMG 5402

IMG 3051

IMG 5533

IMG 3070

IMG 5428


Nichole said...

so glad the girls were able to experience a grand snowfall while you were in the States - looks like they had fun! like your new pics up at the top of the blog too. Praying for safe travels and the transition as you walk through the hard.

Kim Plattner said...

Great pics, Amy! And again, so privileged to spend a little time with you. : ) We'll be praying for your trip home and the transitions ahead. Love you!!