Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Pasture Studio

On a  Saturday in Injibara, our front pasture was flooded with people. A television station had dancers in the meadow, filming a Awi traditional dance, as the Ethiopian television has only a few stations and shows many different regions and their traditional dances. 

IMG 4934

The meadow was full of people for most of the day, most people in our pasture don’t see a television, so passed a good portion of the day to watch the show live. 

IMG 4552

Little Nigoos. 

IMG 4575

Jon watched with a group of boys (who wanted camera practice).

IMG 4579

A few boys not from our neighborhood.

IMG 4605

I watched with a grow of girls and younger children. The teenage boys and girls rarely hang out together.

IMG 4925

At one point in the day, Jon was dressed up and joined a bit of the fun. They tied a red scarf to his head for awhile and then he really blended. 

IMG 4936

We are ready to get back to our community. We pray as a family to get more involved in intentional ways.  


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