Monday, April 6, 2015

Great Expectations-The Easter Version

 Easter morning started in tears. The Littles had some expectations for Easter and what it entails. 

Then I was all bummed, Well…let’s just say the day didn’t start with much joy over our risen Lord. 

Ethiopian Easter is next weekend, so we were planning a low key day for Western Easter and on hosting our teammates and then a few visitors who arrived for the evening meal and overnight.

IMG 8508

Then, they got to hunt for six Easter eggs and they thought we were the best parents ever. They also wore their fancy, too big dresses, because it was a holiday.

IMG 8523

IMG 8533

Our teammates came over (by that time the girls had changed into their “day clothes”) and they hid the eggs for the adults. 

IMG 8536

The Littles love Mark and Debbie and look forward to every time we get together.

For all our rough start, not a bad adjustment. :)

IMG 8510

Love these two silly girls, who’s hearts are deep waters. 


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Anonymous said...

So glad that the day ended well and you were deemed the "best parents ever"! Mom