Monday, April 13, 2015

Wide Open Doors

Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement on our green post last week. Our schedule was jammed so I have done little responding, but we feel your love through the screen. 

This weekend was Ethiopian Easter, but before we get there, let’s back up to late last week. God threw open the doors on many opportunities that I can’t talk about in detail here, but rejoice and know that your prayers are heard and changing things!


Every room in our house is a disaster and I am behind in every area but am so full (in my heart and physically). 

On Easter, the two month vegan fast is broken with the killing of a sheep. I have been so amazed by the hospitality here!  We had more invites Sunday than we could attend and they extend with many today, Tuesday, into Wednesday. I struggle with this dynamic of being so glad to be there, feeling guilty to take of meat that is only eaten three times a year and then, here’s the hard thing…we are eating meat, that was killled on Sunday and since 6% of Awi people have power, you can guess the meat isn’t being refrigerated. Also, “white meat” is a blessed part of the eating, it’s what we recognize as the fat which we chop off our meat. Yesterday, I was served a whole plate of injera and white meat. That’s a whole lot of swallowing and praying I don’t gag right there.  However, it’s also a huge dose of being included in a culture and relationships. So we smile and eat again, even though our stomachs are stuffed.

Jon came up with this great trick. We usually bring our own water bottles as we don’t drink the homemade liquour. I fill them with Sprite and it helps cut any taste. 

And let’s pray we don’t get sick! Please?


Anonymous said...

This picture expresses at least 1000 words that I can't even begin to articulate! Praise be to God for His faithfulness to you and the Awi people!

Denise Klop said...

Yes! Praising God for the open doors and praying for His protection over your stomachs, etc. this week!