Thursday, April 23, 2015

Troop of Easter Carolers

From Ethiopian Good Friday until Ethiopian Easter, we lived at least a month’s worth of activity. :)

Since then, it feels like a few more months have happened. It’s been…eventful. As you may have guessed, internet has also been difficult, but once it comes back, brace yourselves, I’ve got so much to say! 

IMG 8650

On Good Friday, kids go around the village, singing, dancing, banging their sticks in rhythm. Each house is supposed to give them something that they will corporately eat at one house after they get enough for dinner. Bread or birr is normal, but the foreigners, not knowing how to categorize this tradition, we also morphed it into a trick-or-treating and gave out a piece of candy.

IMG 8657

They made the corporate decision to eat their bread and candy on sight. 


Thanks for your huge support of our family. We feel it and love our crew. 


Anonymous said...

It looks like they liked the candy! This must be a universal thing! Love you bunches, Mom

sarah.flyingkites said...

Continued prayers!!