Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Killing Easter Eggs

Before we moved to Ethiopia, in my erratic preparations, after Easter, I picked an egg dying kit off a clearance shelf. Two years later, we are in the right spot and I can find it, so we finally put it to use.

The Littles were nothing but excited to dye Easter eggs, after we cleared up some confusion.

Me: “Let’s go girls, we are going to dye Easter eggs!"

Little A: “Why are we going to kill them?"

So excited they had to change clothes for it, matching pajamas in the middle of the day.

IMG 8169

When I suggested wearing their Easter Bunny ears, they asked, “Who’s the Easter Bunny?” 

IMG 8181

Hand painting eggs resulted in a cracked 30% and sticky hands, but great creative outlet. 

IMG 8187

The finished product, I had to remind myself, LET IT GO...



Steve Pearce said...

The girls AND the eggs are beautiful!!!

Thanks for sharing!


sandra said...

Ahhh Easter egg decorating. Definitely my least favorite thing to do with kids. I too must say "let it go" as due on my kitchen floor just doesn't sound appealing WHAT.SO.EVER!! Last year I tried the dye in a bag where you drop the egg into a clear Baggie and squirt dye into bag then ro egg around. Seemed like the perfect thing to did not agree!! So this year we are back to cups of dye just sitting openly on table!! Ahhhh

Betsy said...

They are beautiful, bright - marvelous! Clive was also very confused when I used the term "dye" this year; oh the literalness of 5-year-olds!