Thursday, June 23, 2016

Castles and Dungeons

Hey, it’s Tuesday and it’s June 21st?!  

You know the times when you look ahead at a season on your calendar and you take a deep breath to calm down because it is going to be a whirlwind?  Yeah, we are in such a season right now.  Life is full and abundant.  I get tired and think I can’t go on and God gives me refreshment in the busy.

June is a gorgeous time in the highlands, the weather is cooling, we have hard rains nearly every day but the clouds share the day with a beautiful sunshine. It’s not yet so muddy that hiking is slogging through mud that sucks off your shoes.  Plants burst forth, everything is green, the farmers are plowing, the kids are wrapping up school in time for rainy season.  The animals look fuller,coats a little shinier in the golden sun off the hills.

We’ve been a little (well, a lot) low on the modern convenience area, and with hosting on at least a weekly basis, the lack of power, running water from my faucets and no phone service has proven a test to my being content in all circumstance. My prayer is that my joy is not lost in something so small and I don’t let it stress me.  BUT…somedays, I am really grouchy about it.

On the bright side, the day a social worker flew in to do our home study, we picked her up at the airport and our teammates Mark and Debbie and their daughter Anna had watched the girls and had our house spotless. We arrived home to freshly backed bread and full power. The home study for our next adoption went so well and we can check out that part of the process.

Yesterday our family arrived home from a weekend in Gondar, an ancient and mystical city. Instead of writing all about it, I am sending you to Wikipedia and I’ll just add pictures and commentary (but you’ll have to wait on our castle pictures as the internet and I are not on the same page lately).  We went with friends on a vision trip to Northern Ethiopia.  The weather was cool, perfect for exploring castles but of course, when the kids saw the hotel had a pool, they also wanted to swim.  I am so thankful for a daddy who braves the icy waters and lets me sit on the edge of the pool in my sweatshirt. 

First, we hung around here and did our mandatory tours around our home. :)

IMG 1898

The kids, minus the littlest at the 5 F’s Project

IMG 1912

To the top of the small mountain near us.

IMG 1970

On a walk, Joe undertook a dangerous balance beam.

After a few days around here, we loaded into our minibus.

Come back soon for the castles!

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