Monday, June 27, 2016

Castles of Gondar

Finally, some castles! In the center of the city of Gondar is a large-walled compound where many emperors lived.  The main castle was the residence but almost every subsequent emperor had a structure built. The only castles are not just in Gondar but in the surrounding areas.  Gondar is also known for a famous bath that many Ethiopian Orthodox Christians visit on Timket.  

Given our constraints of time and seven kids, we only toured a few sights, the main castles in the city being first on our list.  The history here is amazing.

IMG 2009

IMG 2018

Our group, in front of the main castle of residence.

IMG 2042

IMG 2048

The yellowish-toned castle here in the background was less spectacular, the tour guide explained because the emperor was very religious and didn’t want to spend money on a castle. The whole compound was bombed by the Italians and this castle sustained the worse damage so has been refinished.

IMG 2050

Castles bring out a touch of drama in the whole family.

IMG 2058

As J continues to model her princess drama…

IMG 2064

Or here, where the girls are fainting into Jon’s arms. 

IMG 2079

A roof, never restored after the bombing.

IMG 2094

IMG 2116

The girls were a bit disappointed the castles weren’t furnished. :) We didn’t get to go far inside the castles, just the main floor.

IMG 2162

Up Next…dungeons!


Teresa said...

Great pictures. Also, love the drama and fun you're having.

Shari Fiechter said...

Wow, very impressive! Love all the great pictures.

Kristi said...

haha! love these!

leah said...

so fun -- love the drama pictures :)