Monday, June 13, 2016

Do You Notice A Pattern? (And Instas)

Today’s post is a mash-up of too many things.  I know you just care about my opinion on each of these. ;)

First, Orlando, it’s just too much.  My prayer is, as a worldwide church of Christ, in the face of fear and horror, we can stand firm, move forward courageously and be the Church, the hands of feet of Christ, even to those we differ from.  I am again reminded that we, of all people, do not need to cower in fear as we live and love counter-culturally. God is the same today He has been since before the world. 

A quote I was blessed to see this morning in regards on the terror in Orlando:

“What a horrific act of evil. Christians, your Muslim friends and neighbors woke up this morning wondering how they will be viewed. Love them……Also consider the fear and pain this will have in the LGBT community.  Let’s be the people of God in this heinous and awful violence”. -Matt Chandler

And another favorite quote, “Courage, Dear heart”-C.S. Lewis, Chronicles of Narnia

Onto the lighter stuff. While I was at the Village Medical Course in March and Jon ran around with the girls, they were invited to a birthday party involving go-carts about 1.5 hours outside of Addis. He told me about it on the phone and let’s just say I felt a bit…skeptical.

I saw these pics on a friends’ camera.  I hadn’t seen them yet, do you notice anything in common in each of them?

IMG 3465

IMG 3476

IMG 3477

IMG 3483

I am fairly confident Daddy had more fun than any of the kids.  :)  

Speaking of Jon, such a funny day.  We miss social cues around here for holidays.  For example, you walk into Meijer and three months before a holiday, you see signs or reminders of the upcoming event.

IMG 8685

Well, on Sunday, I got up, gave Jon his Father’s Day gift, made themed pancakes and the girls made him cards when he said, “Umm…I don’t think it is really Father’s Day.”  I was convinced until we looked it up and nope, it wasn’t Father’s Day. I guess it’s better early than never. It kind of worked out.  

Babe, you deserve celebrated every day.


Recent instagrams/life’s little moments

IMG 8503

IMG 8596

Love these goofy girls, always in the middle of an imaginary game. We take our play SERIOUSLY around here. Don’t try and interrupt it.

IMG 8646

A very brave little friend came to stay with us for three days.

IMG 8649

So much to do, so little time.

IMG 8643

Here are the girls, looking like intimidating badminton foes. Now, we just have to work on connecting racket to birdie.

IMG 8604

Here is J, not joking but thinking this method may improve her game.

IMG 8677

J and Desse, just hanging out.

IMG 8676

Salem, 3-year-old neighbor, washing her extra dress in a mud puddle.

IMG 8486

Little Yenewerk, in the purple, always finding a way to make life work out well for her.

IMG 8675

This is from Jada’s storyboard, about a Mama and daddy bear who are adopting.  This picture is the “Mama bear with piles of paperwork”.

Ha! I didn’t think I was this obvious. So excited about adoption, not about unending e-mailed paperwork with sketchy internet connection.


Have a great Monday!


Shari Fiechter said...

Love all the pictures! And especially the "Jonny Face"!

sarah.flyingkites said...

This was a really fun post. Loved the enthusiastic pics of And Fathers Day...too funny!!

Loved your thoughts on Orlando too. Matt Chandler quote was right-on.

shortybear said...

nice post

smw said...

I really like the thoughts in that Matt Chandler quote.