Monday, June 6, 2016

Not my favorite thing to post about…goodbyes. 

It’s not everyday we are blessed with a deep friendship. It’s not everyday we are blessed with mature mentors.  And when mentors are the friends you can learn from and safely share your unedited thoughts, well, when those come around, it is clearly a gift of God. We’ve had both in our Canadian “neighbors” only living three hours from where we live in Injibara.

After one last “hurrah” weekend, we sent them on their way. After living twenty years here, Canada is much more a foreign land to them.

IMG 0029

Four little peas in a pod having a millipede funeral.

IMG 9776

On a hike

IMG 9758

Waiting for the password

IMG 9861

Joel, found what he thought was a coffin in the rocks.  We all mourned him.

(I am just realize in looking through these pictures that funeral was a game that was played multiple times over two days.  It seems maybe our kids were processing in their own style.)

IMG 9900

We know it isn’t goodbye forever but we don’t know where in the world we will meet next. 

IMG 9911

Yes, rainy season has started…

IMG 9931

Their kids have taught our girls so much about life, exploring, seizing the moment, and pushing through, even when they feel shy.

IMG 0050

My favorite picture of the weekend, these men wren’t going to let a little rain ruin their girls’ hopes for marshmallow roasting. 

We bless you and send you on with thankful hearts that our paths crossed in Northwest Ethiopia for these three years. 



Kristen Hoerr said...

So glad you had these friendships in your first years, but so sad for you right now! We'll continue to pray for you in this!!

Shari Fiechter said...

I'm guessing your eyes leaked when you created this post. Mine leaked while reading it and looking at these precious pictures. May God bless all of you through this transition.

Kristi said...

Praying you all through! Love you!