Thursday, April 15, 2010

AK Post #2: They've Arrived!

I woke up this morning with an email from Jon and Amy in my inbox. They sounded excited and upbeat about the adventures ahead of them in the next week. They had great flights that kept them fed and happy and now have great service at the guesthouse where they are staying. Although, they did mention that the bed is harder than anything they've ever slept on, besides a basement floor. Sounds hard! ;)

They were able to talk to a caretaker about their girls a little bit. She said the girls are very happy babies that don't cry too much. Good news!

It's raining and cold there today, but they plan to go with Kevin and Erika Kipfer to Loving Shepherd's Home of Hope for AIDS orphans. Tomorrow they head to Ziway to visit another missionary family and see their ministry.

On a more personal note, I must admit that I'm sad Amy didn't get to be pregnant and wear the amazing maternity dress Jon got her. At least I have a picture of it to remember...

Haha... hopefully you realize I'm totally kidding about being sad. This picture is simply payback for the "Miss Kris" business. ;) Funny story about Jon and Amy...

A few months after they were married Amy told me about this dress they saw at Salvation Army one day. Jon apparently called her over to see it and thought (seriously) that it would be a great dress on her. Amy was appalled that Jon thought this dress would fit her or that it had any sort of fashionable appeal. Later, Jon brought up the dress to us and with equal conviction and passion told me about how amazing the dress would be on Amy. I was torn because they both passionately believed on opposite viewpoints. And Jon typically has a good sense of style. So, I didn't know who to believe about the dress.

A few months later, we were in Auburn and I requested to see the dress. We went to Salvation Army and the dress was still there and for sale (shocker!). I lost it when I saw it. It is absolutely horrible and I can't imagine what made Jon spot this dress and think it had potential. We even took a picture with Amy and I both in the dress together. That's how big it is! (That picture is oddly unavailable for this blog post...)

Ok, now I have to give Jon a little credit. He had some vision for the dress. Here is a bit of his vision for it:

And here it is after we accessorized it:

Okay, okay, get rid of those puff sleeves and maybe he has a point. She could use the extra fabric to make a dress for both girls. :)


Todd and Teresa said...

Aunt Kris ~
You are far too funny! Amy will crack up when she sees this. So glad to know they made it safely.

Klint & Sarah said...

Aunt Kris,

Very funny post!! I think I'm going to enjoy your updates :)

soli deo gloria said...

I think you should go back and get that dress! I love it! That last pic is so cute!

Betsy said...

So great! But when do they get to see the girls???

emilykate said...

Kristen, you crack me up. :) I think you should start your own blog...I would read it.

Amy had actually told me this story and described the dress, fun to see it for real. Jon has some very interesting taste...
On a serious note, praying for their time there!

mark and angie said... make me laugh! :) Loving your updates, nice work!

Matt & Jess Braham said...

I love this dress! Not even kidding. I think you should buy it and accessorize it--it would seriously be a hit.