Tuesday, April 20, 2010

AK Post #6: On the edge of my seat...

I have anxiously checked my email all day long. Every time I see I have a new message, my heart beats a little faster until I realize it is only an email from Expedia alerting me to low fares or from J. Crew telling me to check out the new clothes they added to their sale today. Normally these things may excite me. But, not today. Today, I want to hear from Jon and Amy! I can't wait to see a picture of their new family!

I don't think I'm the only one anxiously standing by... I got this email from my aunt today:

"I keep checking, but there are no updates....you're going to drive us all crazy!!"

It's not me, people! I am going crazy right along with you! :) While I was typing this, I received 2 new emails... none from J&A... I'm sure they are too busy feeding, changing, and loving on their girls right now.
Jon and Amy's embassy date is tomorrow (Wednesday). They have to be there at 8 in the morning, which is in the middle of the night for most of us. Before you go to bed tonight, please say a prayer for Jon and Amy. Please pray that Jon and Amy will have wisdom in answering any questions and that God will make the path straight for them. Please pray that nothing happens that will delay the process.
I am so confident that God's hand is in this whole story and that He is in control. I am just praying and trusting in Him to guide them and the judge at the embassy tomorrow. Please join me in prayer tonight!
I promise to post again as soon as I hear anything! (I just hit "check mail" one more time...)


Jessica said...

I'm also in the same "crazy" boat as you are as I am posting for our friends Heidi and Scott who are in Addis now with Amy and Jon. I actually keep checking this blog to see if you've heard from them to gadge if I should expect to hear from Heidi. I did get a message that the power and internet have been out for 2 days due to construction on the guest house. Maybe we'll get pictures tomorrow.


J Gutwein said...

All great posts.. just saw the airport photo and showed it to Luke.. we both stated that our memory of it seemed like a world away. Great shots :)!! Love, J
Ps: Thanks for the pics of Mekele

Kristen said...

Jessica - thanks for the update on the power there. I hope we both get an update soon!