Friday, April 23, 2010

AK Post #(I lost count): On their way back home

Well, I think J & A are headed home now. They are flying through Frankfurt and the airport is open and running. They did ask us to pray that they could get bassinet seating on the flight, because that would have more room and have bassinets to put the girls in. They probably are already on the first flight, but we can pray for the next one. Plus, God doesn't run on our time, so maybe the prayers can go back in time? :)

Here's a quick excerpt from Amy's last email:

A quick update, we have the most beautiful, sweet little babies, we are in love! On the downside they are the "magical non-sleeping" kind. :) I am not sure how they are functioning on so little sleep...The day they got a great nap it was such a difference, even for the whole night.

We praise God for their attachment. They fuss unless they are with Jon and I. If someone else takes them or we need a break, they cry...a mixed blessing, but we know it means they are recognizing us as comfort and caregivers.

The girls schedule is totally irregular, we are working with it! It is interesting to learn about them. They both like to sleep on their tummies, with their faces covered. Jada sucks on her fingers and both like the pacifier. They have the most beautiful smiles!

Another prayer request is for everyone's health. Jon and Amy have had colds and one of the boys they were with had mumps. The girls have not been vaccinated for mumps, so let's pray that everyone stays/ gets healthy!

I am so excited I get to meet them tomorrow!! There's a lot of love that's ready to be spilled out all over these girls!

Thanks for reading and for all your prayers. I'm excited for Amy's updates next week!


Amber said...

Most definately praying for safe and smooth travels. So thankful for steps forward and trusting God and praying for all the details (formula, sleeping, etc) once home. CAN"T WAIT for pictures! Enjoy the happy reunion!

David and Larisa said...

Praying...and so excited for all of you! The sleeping with your face covered must be an Ethiopian thing - all of the kids at Yikealo's orphanage did the same thing.

We can't wait to hear more!

Mindy said...

We're praying!!! I am SO excited to see pictures and hear all about the trip!