Monday, April 5, 2010

Christ Has Risen!

Happy Monday! We had a great Easter Weekend, we were down in the Bluffton area and celebrated with the Kaehrs on Saturday night and the Fiechters on Sunday.  Sunday during services, it was wonderful to reflect on Christ' resurrection...

A large smattering of pictures from the weekend...
Strap in...
Grandma with all the grandkids...
Daniel and his fiancee, Kaitleigh, pose for a "cute rainbow shot".
Jay and Tadd, the roommate cousins, are also teased about acting like an old married couple, so they also wanted a "cute rainbow" shot. ;)
We all learned that Jeff is the favorite grandchild. Our eggs were empty and Jeff's had $50.  What?!
Grandma had everyone over 18 celebrate their January-February birthdays on one cake.  Here is Happy Birthday to us!

I think this is a great shot of my brothers. :)

Because Jada and Adia were not around to sport these Easter headbands that Mom gave them, I got some other willing participants.  :) This is their "little flower face".
We need those babies! :)

The Fiechter Easter started off with an intense egg hunt!
Chad didn't have much look, he must have been looking in all the wrong places...
4 Generations of Fiechter Women
Doug and Reid

We are getting so close to our travel date!  It still seems far away, but know the week will go fast. The next time we get with our extended families, their will be two new members!

Have a great day!

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