Monday, March 7, 2011

Lovin’ The Sunshine and Friendships…

CVE 2011 290

Learning how to kick a ball…

CVE 2011 312 CVE 2011 308

Showing anyone who cares to see their belly buttons…

CVE 2011 321 

Diego and Aaron-two of the most innovative fort builders…

CVE 2011 329

CVE 2011 356

This picture cracks me up. The girls had their hair touched so much!  They handled it really well!

CVE 2011 365

“Ahh, grass!”

CVE 2011 380

CVE 2011 389 

Playing games of “gorila”. Rules, act like a gorilla and then wrestle

CVE 2011 398  CVE 2011 405

Then dogpile…

CVE 2011 418

The Littles loved these spicy, dried meat sticks from the Wulf’s

CVE 2011 448

CVE 2011 428


Kristi said...

Awww! What sweet pictures! And for the record, Littles, I would love to see your bellybuttons ANYtime! Especially if it would get me out of playing gorila. That looks a little scary to me... but I'm a wimp.

SO many frame-able pictures, Amy! But I hope to see the one of you kissing the Little's cheek hanging in your house! PERFECTION! What a Creator we serve!

We are praying for the precious lives at CVE! Our God is Big. He is BIGGER! And he is Good!

Wells L said...

Ahhh - great pictures. Looks like a really fun time and super learning experience for the Littles. Love the new header photo!

Todd ~ Teresa said...

Love the pictures. My favorite is the one below in the wash baskets. Lots of fun happens with children in laundry baskets. It was good to see all four of you last week.

mark and angie said...

Ahh, the Littles are adorable, but I loved seeing Jodi's smiling face! Thanks! :) So thankful you had a safe trip and were able to be down there. Praying for the battle.