Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wrapping It Up…

Well, today has turned out much different than expected.  It is my birthday and as you all had voted, it was to be celebrated ON THE DAY.  I have the flu.  No celebration, the thought of cake makes my stomach lurch.  Maybe I’ll get a June birthday after all…Not the way I would have chosen…

Finally wrapping up pictures of our time in Mexico, my creativity is nowhere to be found, I am just hoping for coherence!  :)

CVE 2011 470

Happy Birthday!

CVE 2011 480

CVE 2011 489

Little J learns to color

CVE 2011 502

Little A expresses her love for birthday cake…

CVE 2011 504

Silly Lili with Little A

CVE 2011 506

Katie y Julissa

CVE 2011 514

Steph and Diego

CVE 2011 527

The Littles with a beautiful set of identical twins, Geo y Pao.

The spiritual battle is not finished at CVE.  Please continue to pray that Light pierces every area of darkness.


Carissa J. said...

Happy Birthday, Amy!! Hope you feel better soon! Such a bummer that you are sick!
We appreciated your visit to CVE so much! God continues to work, thanks for spreading our need for prayer. May God's victory be clear and may He be glorified! Love ya

Wells L said...

Happy Birthday, Amy!!! Feel better.

Dave and Angie: said...

Happy Birthday Amy!!! I do thank God for you today! Feel better soon.

mamamargie said...

Hope you have as a happy a birthday as possible under the circumstances.