Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How Do I Reconcile This?

The Littles’ bio mother died soon after child birth.  They were premature and their father knew they would die if he kept them. 

Their Father, “H”, makes $300 a year.

He supports his mother and six children.

8 people on $300 a year.

This is where The Littles’ birth family lives, (you see the house, barn and kitchen)


“Today (US) Christians spend more money on dog food than missions”. –Leonard Ravenhill

Check out www.globalrichlist.com


JJ said...

Amazing, simply amazing. Thank you for the stats and the pictures. Even though I have pics of my kids' birth places, it's always good to see the birth places of the other children that I got to meet also because it's just so much more shocking and humbling when you know the child. I love my dogs but human life, ETERNAL LIFE can not compare. I don't know how much more dramatic and graphic pictures and stories have to get for more people to GET IT!!!! So many people in my family STILL don't GET IT even after bringing our 2 kids home. It's just sad. My heart literally aches after being in Ethiopia. Thanks so much for sharing.

Sarah said...

Uhg. That is convicting.

MamaMimi said...

Thank you for sharing. Breaks my heart in two and makes me wonder what more I can do.

Poppie Lane said...


emilykate said...

If you figure out how to reconcile this, let me know.

Kristen said...

I second Em's comment. Let me know.

Sara Huber said...

Hi Amy...I remember this quote from Perspectives class, I think. Makes me happy I don't have a dog but I'm pretty sure that's not the point. Thanks for bringing it to mind again.

Your girls are so sweet. I love it that you have a photo of their birthfamily home.