Thursday, March 17, 2011

Did You Just Hear That?

That was me, stepping outside and yelling, “hallelujah”!

What a great Saint Patrick’s Day.  It is already fun enough to theme the day green and add on top of that nice weather??? YAY!

3-17 088

3-17 084 3-17 076

3-17 062

We have transitioned to one nap, but it has been an adjustment, so outside is just what we needed.

Praying Through The News…


(Photo taken from CNN)

I appreciate a challenge I received a few months ago that I “pray through the news”.  That is what I am trying to do with the disaster in Japan.

Today I watched a news clip of a man, who led the volunteer firefighters, come back to his destroyed home and realize that his wife, sons, daughter-in-laws and four grandkids were killed by the tsunami.   

Did you know that Japan is considered the second largest unreached people group?

Referring to the quote I referenced in the last post, let us turn to the Creator of the universe and pray, I can only groan right now as I think about it, but our Intercessor knows what to do with our groans.


Todd ~ Teresa said...

On the fun side: Love the fun "outdoor" pictures. The green bows make me smile. We had outdoor recess today ~ Yay! (Even though that means more ice and bandaids) :)
On the not so fun side: The devastation in Japan is not comprehendable. (if that's a word)
Thanks for the prayer reminder.

Mike and Shari said...

I heard you! :-)