Sunday, March 13, 2011

Miss Independent(s)

Saturday, Jon had a full day of work and so it was just us for another day. I was bumming but The Littles changed my outlook with their antics.  I wish you could have been here and laughed with me. :)

These Littles are starting to want to do things, more independently, from mama and even sister. Stirred on by Betsy’s story of a mother who still spoon-fed her 4 year-old son, I decided to let The Littles assert their independence on a spoon.

3-13 557

Oh yeah, they knew they were big stuff.

3-13 561

It was hard to sit by and watch.  They were not very skilled but did NOT want help. I finally stopped the fun when the spoons were dropped and bowls were being licked out of like puppy dogs.

At what age do you think is ideal for letting kids self-feed with silverware?  Do you have any tips for teaching them?

3-13 573 3-13 570

And what fun is any meal if it doesn’t turn into many rounds of peek-a-boo?

But I have some sneaky peekers on my hands…

3-13 572 3-13 576

But my hands-down favorite moment of the day?

Little A was trying to put a cereal box on her head. 

3-13 581

With a little bit of help, it turned into this.

3-13 592 3-13 596

and this…

3-13 599 3-13 600

The best part is that they walked around for at least 15 minutes like this, like it was totally normal to wear cereal boxes on their heads. :)

3-13 603

Oh Littles, don’t grow up too fast!


Wells L said...

Definitely precious!

kj said...

Good job resisting! Our daycare starts them when they move to the "toddler" room (when they are walking) to have them feed themselves using silverwear, no bibs, oh yeah and drinking out of a regular (non breakable) glass, no sippy tops - makes for extra laudry every week! I just moved Joanna up to the table at home without the tray and she does a great job with her spoon. Makes her seem like such a big girl. Not going to go without the sippy top though for a LONG time!

bethany said...

those are some really Really REALLY cute pictures! I love it!

Betsy said...

Love the chewing on a clothes pin...that has definitely been done around here too.

Jennifer said...

I started giving my babies spoons as early as 8 months. Gav came home at 12 months, and he got one right away. Practice makes perfect. Gav is just barely two and uses a real spoon and fork now (metal silverware) really well- barely uses fingers anymore, and he's starting to use them together. i.e. uses his fork to hold the rice in place so he can use the spoon to scoop rather than just pushing it off the plate. (I also moved my babies from trays to boosters sitting at the kitchen table with plates at about 15-18 months.) Gigi learned how to appropriately use a butter knife a little before 3 to cut soft foods, spread butter, etc. I'm all about allowing independence! No pressure though. I never 'forced' or disciplined the kids for not using silverware. I just gave it to them and let them grow comfortable with it, and when they were ready, gave them tips. Obviously now that Gigi is 4, if she uses her fingers, I'll remind her to use silverware, but that's all it takes. Good luck! It's messy at first, but fun too to watch them succeed and see how proud of themselves they are for being like Mom and Dad!

mamamargie said...

Love the cereal box pictures! :)

Mindy said...

They are so funny and SOOO cute! :)

I can't remember when I gave my boys spoons but I think the Littles are ready. No matter when you start them they will be a mess with them. Better to have them accomplish this early in life than to be 4 and still spoon fed by you. :)

Kelly said...

Don't you just LOVE those Fisher Price High Chairs? We have one for Coleman and I LOVE that it doesn't takeup anymore kitchen space than I already had to begin with! Can't believe how big they are getting! Hope you guys are doing well!

Justin & Sarah said...

Hudson and Paige got a kick out of the cereal box hats! :) Love the curl in the middle of her forehead. :) Reminded me of the poem... Do you know it?

Heidi said...

so cute and so much fun .. looks like everyone is feeling better. Jonas eats with a spoon and now won't eat without one... It take lots of practice and lots of messes but now he's pretty good.