Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Princess Tea Party

We recently returned from a quick trip to Phoenix.  It was really cold while we were there but we weren’t going for the temperatures but the company and they certainly did not disappoint.  My college roommate, Brandy, married my first cousin, Seth (who was more like my brother during college).  Seth and Brandy have two girls, G. is a few months younger then The Littles and then the ever sweet, 5 month old “Baby N.”. (Insert sigh of wonder at this girls’ charm, seriously a living baby doll).


The Littles and G got along so well.  I was amazed how well G allowed Little J & A to commandeer her toys, food and space.  :)

One thing all the girls had in common was their love for tea parties. The Littles also love to dress up and since Aunt Susie gave them “princess dresses” for their birthday, they wear them EVERY day.  No joke.  (Susie, that gift hit the nail on the head!) So of course, they went to Phoenix with us and there was even a third dress.

These three little amigas had a tea party like it was their job, attacking it with a serious energy.  


Snow White, Sleeping “Booty”, Cinderella and Mr. Bear.



Little J pours Little G a cup of tea.




It kind of made me want to have triplets.  Just kidding…sort of…look at all that triplet love. ;)


Yay for girls and their love of all things girly!


Janel said...

Looks like so much fun!! I bet we overlapped in Phoenix. We were just there too:)

Wee said...

We LOVE girls, too! :)

Q said...

I can't get over how big your girls are getting. This was the time I started wanting another one! Love, love, love girlies and all things related to that!