Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Candy and Cowgirls

This will be a Memorial Day The Littles will not soon forget. 

Memorial Day 083

The parade started out with loud sirens and they weren’t too sure…

Memorial Day 091

but after a bit of reassurance and the knowledge that people threw candy at them…

Memorial Day 107

their spirits lifted dramatically.

We headed back to my grandparents where they played with Tina the wonder dog...

Memorial Day 175 Memorial Day 144

if they weren’t trying to coax her out of her hiding spot.

Grandpa got out the pony cart and my now farmer husband took the reins.

Memorial Day 165

The Littles had a wonderful time playing with cousin, Cat (who kept them continuously supplied with chips and candy).

Memorial Day 179

And then things got even better with pony rides!

Memorial Day 204

It is so special to watch The Littles ride ponies with Grandpa, I loved it when I was a child.

Memorial Day 208

The Littles each proclaimed, “I’m a cowgirl!”

Definitely ponies, puppies and parades?  Definitely the kind of things that makes little girls dreams.