Friday, May 25, 2012

It’s Almost The Weekend!

Whew. It’s been quite a week.

How can something this sweet…

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nearly make mama lose her mind?

The week came to a lovely climax yesterday at the very crowded zoo with our first public temper tantrum.  To everyone there, yes, I realize my child is screaming her silly head off and it doesn’t look like I even hear it. 

We have had quite a rough go with potty training as well and for reasons I won’t go into here, have seriously taken it to the Lord in prayer and we will see what happens.  Maybe my kids will be the first kindergartners to still be in diapers.

So, now it’s almost the weekend.  Time to regroup and practice deep breathing exercises. ;)


Q said...

We were at the zoo yesterday too! But, the people weren't watching your sweet little girl, because they were busy watching my ornery little boy throw his temper tantrum and his frazzled mom responding to it! At least the crowd at the zoo was entertained!

megs @ whadusay said...

Hang in there! You are most definitely not alone. Just had a screaming kid in the grocery store the other day. Good times. :)

Sandra said...

And I had a screaming 3 year old today in the parking lot at meijer!! It literally put me into tears as its just so embarrassing. We will get thru this rough stage of that wonderful age called 2 :) (although mine is 3 and just acts like 2)

Rachel said...

Oh are such a good mom. I hear you. and hey, on another note...since we are in town for the summer we would LOVE to hang out with you guys some evening. Maybe supper at the park or something? Love ya!!

Anonymous said...

Fun watching the girls eat ice cream cones!

Anonymous said...

This too shall pass!!! Appreciate your blogs!
Mary K.