Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Little Loony

Thanks for all your potty training insight and prayers. Today we made a little progress.  I am not going to turn this blog into constant potty training updates, but right now, it’s kind of consuming us. Like every minute. ;)


The pressure is cracking her, Little A’s dinner ensemble


Yay, Little J, you pooped in the potty!  

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The Gardner's said...

Don't give up - it is never fun potty training... but all of a sudden it will click. Hang in there!!!

Kristi said...

I am just imagining our children's mortified faces when they learned about the stories we have shared about them. Poop. Dancing naked. Pooping while dancing naked... in the bathtub... oh, wait. I hadn't publicly shared that one, yet. Sorry Adilynn.