Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ski School With Daddi-o

Little A is quite the nicknamer. She gets new names to stick and so Daddy has officially been turned into Daddi-o.

You have probably picked up on this by now but The Littles love their daddy and sometimes refer to him as “Cazy” (translation: crazy). Playtime with Mama cannot compare. On Saturday, Jon and The Littles were spending time outside. I came out to “ski practice”.


I was impressed by the thoroughness of the training. First they had to put on the “skis” and hold them straight in front of them in the “water”

oops, a failed attempt!


“Try again Little A, this time, lean back and bend your knees!”


Little J’s turn, she waits patiently in the “water” for the “boat”.


she pulled up immediately…maybe a future in professional skiing?


I am so glad that all three “cazies” are mine.


We will see how this translates in actual water this summer. I am not holding my breath. ;)


Anonymous said...

This is pretty cute! What fun, Jon!!! You make their day!!

Aunt Carol

Sandra said...

you just gotta start them young on those ski's!! Way to go and I hope they get the hang of it quickly and do a good job. Skiing is so much fun! (although Ive never tried it on the grass:))

smw said...

so funny. :)