Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How Does Our Garden Grow?

Before our trip, we had a chance to get a garden in the ground.

I am looking forward to fresh vegetables this summer/fall. Hopefully, we will see if we can garden. :)


My newly-turned-farmer husband planted a lot. I tried to talk him down but Jon says he wants experience growing different things.


Grandma’s caution was, “It’s easier to plant it than it is to pick it!”



T and M said...

I love this! We included Tait in our gardening efforts this year & it's been so fun ( : Did you plant anything really crazy?

Kristen said...

I just weeded my garden. Seriously, it looks like I am much better at planting than weeding. :( I am looking forward to a great harvest though. :)

Daveana said...

The pictures are darling!

Jon y Amy said...

Mandy, nothing too weird. ;) I am sure you found some creative new varieties! Anything new for you?

T and M said...

Nothing too crazy for us except for 1 mystery plant that I ordered but forget what it is---T is thinking it's eggplant? I guess we'll find out in a couple months if it survives my usual weeding slump in July ( ;