Monday, June 25, 2012

Dancing the Night Away

The sun shone down on the serene meadow, where our friends, Adam and Jenna committed their lives together.  

While this post is about a wedding, it is also about a personal victory for The Littles. As The Littles still are apprehensive about large crowds and new faces, before events and outings, we prep them thoroughly, talking through who we will see (looking at pictures if we haven't seen someone in awhile), what we will do, what food we will eat, etc.  This ritual has helped us immensely, although sometimes there are still freak outs and melt downs. We also explain it is safe and we won't leave them. We even practice saying "hello" to people, shaking hands and verbally have them tell us they will be friendly.

Apparently, this prep before this wedding must have been stellar and possibly over the top.  The Littles thought that Adam and Jenna's party was so much fun and all about them enjoying the happy couple, they would sneak away to find Adam and Jenna, regardless of what the busy bride and groom where doing.  

When it was finally time to release The Littles to dance, they found Adam and Jenna and said, "dance with me!". 
This is the first dance that the floor opened up for everyone to dance.
When we laid down the rule that they had to give the bride and groom some space, they danced together, watching them the whole time.

As the night wore on, The Littles were more enamored by this whole wedding deal.
Me: "Hey Little A, come with Mama and we'll get some cake!"
Little A: "No, I am just gonna find Adam and we will dance together."

Adam and Jenna graciously handled the affection and open admiration as Jon and I sat back, praising God for their increased comfort in a new social setting.

Adam and Jenna, we wish you God's blessings as you begin your life as one!

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Sarah said...

Amy, I totally feel your joy. Praise God! :)