Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fruit of the Earth

First, meet Graby, Tiger and Purr II.  They are sweet but not as smart as Meow and Purr. Like today, when I walked outside and found all three of them stuck in a tree.


And now…drumroll please…RADISHES from the garden. One umimpressed sigh from you (you had radishes weeks ago), one HUGE victory for our family garden!

Radishes 024

And because The Littles were so exuberant they just pulled something from the earth…

Radishes 033

They ate a vegetable voluntarily!!!

Yesterday, Jon asked The Littles. “Girls, what do you think we should farm?” Little J enthusiastically responded, “Pink!”

So, we are bound to be profitable pink farmers. ;) 


smw said...

our radishes aren't near ready, so you've beat us. :)

Britni said...

Pink sounds like a perfectly wonderful crop to start planting and marketing, I'll send my girlies over shortly to help yours get on that :D

Kristi said...

Is it to late to plant radishes? Or other veggies? I am still giving Adilynn *gasp* baby food *sigh* to make her eat her veggies.