Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Day For Daddio

To celebrate Father’s Day, I was going to take pictures of The Littles for a project. The infamous “cheese” face did not make it easy. 


Instead, I found an idea from another blog and asked The Littles questions about Jon.  Here are their unprompted and unedited responses. Little A in pink, Little J in green (Little J was not a willing participant).

1. What do you love most about daddy?

J: Run away (game of chase me)

A: Big muscles! He snuggles me

2. What is your favorite thing to do with daddy?

J: Run away!

A: Run away, turn off the lights and daddy say “hey!”

(Another game, they turn off the lights, Jon acts surprised)

3. What do you do that makes daddy happy?

J: Don’t disobey

A: Don’t disobey

4. What does daddy do that makes you know he loves you?

J: When he say no/I want to hold daddio

Translation: when he holds me

A: He says, “good job”/ he make me smile

5. What is daddy’s job?

J: He go to Babylon

A: I don’t know

(No idea where this one came from)

6. What else do you want to tell daddy?

J: Daddio! Long string of jibberish

(a game they play with Jon, speaking in nonsense words)

A: I go poopy, daddy. (I thought I was smelling something…)

(No idea where this one came from)

And a few more pictures from our session, we had a few keepers…







We love you Daddio and all three of us think you are the best!


megs @ whadusay said...

They are SO CUTE!!!

ethiopix said...

They look BEAUTIFUL!

Their name in Amharic language.

ጃዳ (Jada)

አዲያ (Adia)