Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Did The Littles Ski?

While they technically did not ski, they got out in the water with daddy and tried the wakesurf.  

Let's count it!
 Little A holds the rope
Notice her thumbs up.

Little J braved the water, too.

 but because of her position on Jon, two times, they submerged.  Little J was very courageous but came into the boat because "daddy put water in my eyes".  Maybe next time.
A cold, serious little mama's girl climbed back into the boat for snuggles and I was happy to oblige. 


Lyndsay's Last Bite said...

You are one brave Mama! Your little girls did a great job in the water!!

Kristi said...

oy. this brought back such bad memories of not only submerging... but forgetting to let go of the rope while doing it. that was my one and only time skiing. it was awful enough that I might not ever let Adilynn try it. :)
great job, Littles! Kristi is super proud of you!