Friday, June 8, 2012

Now What?!?

Purr and Meow (Read about Purr and Meow, here and here and here) were lost a few weeks after we got them.  It was a very sad realization in our house as day after day passed and they still didn’t show up. We checked with all the neighbors for our two black, fluff balls. No one had seen them.  Fast forward a few months…

Time passed and Nana brought us a fun delivery…


4 kitties!  (Already down to 3:( )


But they are sweet little kitties.  However, there’s a problem.

Something is messing with them and at night!

This realization brought out my Mama Bear and it was the motivation for why I was out in the dark last night, baiting a trap for the culprit.

I worked as fast as I could (trying to remember how I was instructed to set it) I heard loud rustling from the edge of the woods. Something was watching me.  Maybe a bear?!  (Okay, it could never have been a bear in our area but my imagination in the dark does not lack drama).

I came in and told Jon that I was going to catch something. He laughed and maybe rolled his eyes a bit encouraged me.

The night passed. After I got out of the shower this morning, I went outside to check the trap and what to my wondering eyes should appear but…

raccoon 010 

AAH!  I caught something! 

I was immediately giddy and felt mostly proud of myself. I mean, this wasn’t even on my list of survival skills!

I am woman, hear me roar! No one mess with me and my kittens!!!

My victory dance was cut short as I looked at it and  I remembered why I couldn’t ever be a hunter. This poor raccoon was scared silly and had been digging all night and made many attempts to escape the cage.  Oh no.  What if it is a girl raccoon????  What if she is a Mama and her babies have been scared as the night passes, going hungry in a tree somewhere?

I almost let it go on the spot but didn’t want it to eat our kittens.  She was released a few miles down the road in another woods. 

I don’t think I am going to run a trap line in the near future. ;)


erica said...

Ha!!! Love this!!! :)

Justin & Sarah said...

Oh Amy! This made me laugh!!