Monday, July 30, 2012

8 Suitcases

It’s comical, really. We didn’t have back seats in our minivan when we packed for our lake vacation.


Check that out. Our Honda was packed out. 

When we move to Ethiopia, we get 8 suitcases. 

I am supposed to pack bedding, quality pots and pans, a sewing machine, water purifiers, home school curriculum and clothes for the girls as they grow. Never mind the other items we have… We have done purging and have loads more to do. :)

An alternate way we hope to send items over would be with anyone heading to Ethiopia that doesn’t need their two suitcase capacity.  I am serious. If you live in the US and are willing to drop a container at the SIM headquarters in Addis Ababa, let me know.

If you are new to the blog because of the prayer letter, here is the back story.


megs @ whadusay said...

don't know for sure, but there is a chance Kory will be going to Ethiopia in late September. I will let you know if he does.

andrea hendry said...

We're waiting on a referral but we'll be happy to bring some stuff over for you as soon as we make our travel arrangements :)

Mouseymom said...

oh my! 8 suitcases!!! eek! One suitcase will be half filled with the Littles Frills and Flowers hair accessories!!!

Jody said...

Have you thought about a shipping container? We have some missionary friends in South Africa who shipped all of their belongings. It took three months to get there but it was like Christmas when it finally arrived:)