Thursday, July 26, 2012

Skiing, A Four Person Adventure

Jon and the girls decided it was the day for them to ski.

Some onshore practice was the first step.

Lakes 2012 254

A long pep-talk

Lakes 2012 261

Backyard ski school was truly put to the test. Our first strategy with Little J was, both parents in the water, supporting child.

Okay, Hit it!

Lakes 2012 278

Lakes 2012 285

Oops. Miserable failure. I feared Little J might never get in the water again.

Lakes 2012 288

She was done for the day.

Lakes 2012 346

Second strategy with Little A, Nana dragging in water, cheering, Mama in the boat, holding front of skis, Daddy in boat, holding Little A up!  She skied!

Lakes 2012 358

Props for the grandma who drug all around the lake for the sake of two-year-olds learning how to ski!

We waited a few days to broach the subject again and had some practice with the “boat” being Uncle Jeffy.

Lakes 2012 440

  Lakes 2012 451

Next try with Little J…

Lakes 2012 467

And she skied!

Lakes 2012 469 Lakes 2012 477


Tomorrow, we are teaching them barefooting.

Totally kidding.


leah said...

this is adorable! and props to grandma for sure! lol!

looks like you are having a great time...enjoy!

Kristi said...

Great job, girlies!

Q said...

Oh Little A & Little J you should feel so good about your accomplishments! What a beautiful family you have!

smw said...

you guys have to have a lot of energy to do this with 2 year olds!!!! i'm impressed. and your mom always looks graceful, even dragging along a boat!

Jarrin :: Raquel :: Rocky said...

dido on the kudos to grams there! way to go! :-]

Mindy said...

haha! WOW! I am impressed!! Way to go girlies! And yeah, Grandma gets serious props for her role that day. :)