Sunday, July 1, 2012

What's That?!?

At the zoo, The Littles are not enamored by watching the animals, rather, they beg to spend all their time on the experience of the zoo, the fountains, petting zoo, climbing area, etc.

Lately, the favorite is time spent with the goats, brushing them and flitting from goat to goat.
Giving the goat some lovin's

Our last time, a discovery was made.  Goats poop. We witnessed it. Combine this with The Littles' latest insatiable curiosity for learning male and female anatomy and we spent a LOONNGGG time with the goats.
Checking out the scene

"Daddy, what's that?!?"

And then they pretended to be the goats.

One more reason why being born a multiple is so much fun.
There is always someone to play goat and someone to brush. :)


Kristen Hoerr said...

hilarious! love it.

Q said...

Just wait, Amy, it gets even better. I find my babes always wait to ask me the questions and not Andy. The joys of mothering!