Monday, July 2, 2012

A Date

Recently on Facebook, a great quote has been circulating that resonates with me.  Something to the effect of, 
"You know you are a mom when going to Target by yourself feels like vacation and going on  vacation seems like work."  

I giggled as this completely resonated with me! Jon and I went to a wedding this weekend, without The Littles and we felt free, free on our roadtrip to talk uninterrupted and not listen to the same song, 1 bajillion times. 

The wedding was beautiful. I should have gotten more pictures, seriously. The reception was perfection. Outside with a red horse barn as the backdrop, large lawn with a white tent set up...oh, did I mention it was on Lake Michigan? With great company? So fun!

The brothers matched each other. And the beach chairs.

The only picture of the happy couple!  

Congratulations Josh and Lacy! We were so honored to be a part of your day.


Vanessa at Lynn David said...

I recently told James about that Target quote while on a weekend trip to Chicago. I ended up going to Target for an hour while James and Eden both napped in the hotel room. :)

Q said...

What a blessing! The pictures of you and Jon look great!