Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Harvest is Plentiful

We are continually trying to use resources around us for experience and training as we prepare for life in Ethiopia. One of Jon’s projects has been a large garden and he has incorporated The Littles to a point that they feel it is their garden and they eat vegetables they’ve grown themselves!

If you have followed our journey to being a bit more granola, I think you’d be proud of us.

If I would tend the garden with The Littles, they would instruct me, “Mama, don’t step on any plants, okay?”, “No weeds in the garden! Go away weeds!”

We returned from vacation to an overgrown but productive garden. 

Gardening 664 

Gardening 671

Gardening 675

The Littles sampled every type of produce, including the pictured under-ripe tomato.

Gardening 690

Little J is “picking dirt”

Gardening 692 

Gardening 703

Glad for every lesson we’ve learned from this garden.

And glad The Littles are eating veggies!


Heidi said...

Got your letter in the mail!! So excited for you guys ... I can't stand it! Praying for your journey... walking along side of you wanting to help if we can!

leah said...

for some reason the phrase 'going granola' really cracks me up. i think it's so great.

:) love your garden!

smw said...

So cute. :)

Justin & Sarah said...

Love the little pink wheelbarrow!! Wherever did you find it?