Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer, Where Are You Going?

We are only mid-July but have already made lots of memories! (Some of them are captured, some will only be remembered in our minds as I have been way too hot to carry the camera).

Seth, Brandy and kiddos were in the Midwest and we snagged some time with them. Yes, they have three girls, 2 and under. Twins are nothing in comparison.


Yes, we did have a good time, even though the kids look slightly miserable. I am holding A, their foster daughter (Oh, yes and Toodles our crazy kitty).

Spending fun time with family in MI:

Look at little Leo. Oh my.


One of Gray’s MANY frogs


The sweet Ooms family looking at Hudson’s catch


Just chillin’ with Daddio


Charlie is captain of the paddle boat


Little J waits onshore


Love this mama/daughter shot: Sarah and Paigey Pie


A fourth of July program


Hudson’s lake toy


Our day at the lake didn’t last long. The Littles were sick and spent their time here before Little A threw up.


From Michigan, we had some girl time with the ladies in our family to celebrate my Grandma’s birthday. We talked, laughed, shopped and ate ourselves silly.



And we attended another beautiful wedding but it was outdoors, blistering and the idea of a camera strapped to me was too much to handle. So, I pirated this one off Facebook. (Photo Credit to Stasha.)


Congratulations to Troy and Chalise!  Thanks for including us in your special day.

Whew, that is it for now.  So much to do, so little summer left!

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that leo is a honey.