Monday, March 4, 2013

Time to Intervene in the Imaginary World?

Twins have it made, always someone to play with and are sort of like an old married couple.

As The Littles have discovered the joys of having an automatic plus one, an interesting pattern has developed. As we read many fairy tales, they bring them to life with Little J always the boy character role. They are Wendy and Peter Pan, Aladdin and Jasmine, Sleeping Beauty and Prince, Beauty and the Beast. I suggests that they both play princesses or two girl characters. Though Little J would love to be a girl character, her chief concern is a complete set. Obviously, in her three-year old mind, a princess with no prince is incomplete.


How do they so intrinsically pick up on this prince and princess thing? Before they ever watched a princess movie, they knew they wanted to be a beautiful princess with a man to pursue them.

I don’t know if I should be concerned our not. This morning Little J (shirtless because I could not produce a princely enough shirt) pampers the princess, Little A. She does not seemed bugged that Little A is almost always the female role.

Actually, Little J is the sweetest prince, hugging and caring for her princess, following her around, with lots of hugs, saying things like, “I love you princess and I will come for you!” “Dance with me, Princess”.

Today, after I suggested they both be princesses, Little J said, “but where are we going to find two princes to marry us?” (Little A had a solution, Obie and Tait ;)).

What would you do?


Sarah said...

this post is priceless

J Gutwein said...

Haha.. Or Avo.. They are really beautiful & sweet!

Sandra said...

good to see you saturday. Wish I could have sat and talked a bit with you about your colorado experieces a bit more. I felt a bit like I was running around on saturday:). thanks for coming and thanks for the thank you note I got in the mail today.

T and M said...

If we're talking about the same Tait, i know he'd be thrilled ( ;

Recently he said something after sunday school about missing "those girls" and i knew right away what he meant!

Jon y Amy said...

Yes Mandy, it is your Tait. ;)
Jenny, I will introduce them to Avo's pictures!

L, Ann and boys said...

My word they are cute and just keep getting cuter. :) maybe they need to start picking a number for who gets to be princess...that white dress is pretty divine and shouldn't be missed. ;)

Anonymous said...

Good idea Ann. Sharing the princess role would also re-enforce the concept of taking turns.

Anonymous said...

So adorable. Megan liked to play the similar thing with her cousins, normally Benjamin would just wear a white buttoned up shirt(Caleb's old church shirt from Kim's wedding)and sometimes put on a tie or bow clip...Always so cute! I wouldnt be their imagination!! Priceless!! Miss you all!!

HEidi C.

Christen Leigh said...

Hehe! It is amazing how the whole prince/princess concept is apparently inherent within us. ;)