Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hey Look, A Hippo!

I am not sure how the hippo became a cute little stuffed animal in the Western world. They are huge, kind of scary and a little sneaky.

After hearing there were life jackets, I changed my mind and said The Littles and I would go. Too bad I didn't think through the fact that they already heard me say they couldn't go because it was too dangerous. We had one very stressed out Little A on our hands. :) 

IMG 5679

Our hippo-seeking vessel...

IMG 5738

All aboard!

IMG 5759

Little J felt a bit braver about the escapade...

IMG 5762

"Hey Little A, look a hippo!"

IMG 5801

And about this point I started to say, "Okay guys, this is close enough, let's go"…I didn't want angry hippos overturning the boat

IMG 5833

Glad we went? Yes. 

IMG 5714

Glad to be back on land? Also, yes.


Klint & Sarah said...

oh how fun!! (and scary)

Mindy said...

So fun!!! I have a picture of one of those boats from when we were out at Lake Ziway. Makes me miss it!

smw said...

such great pics. their dresses are beautiful.

Todd ~ Teresa said...

How cool to see a hippo in the wild. The girls look adorable in those dresses.