Thursday, October 17, 2013

Instagram Photo Drop

A glimpse of our life through recent Instagrams...

Image 7

Saying goodbye to a friend, Maria, as her family moves "down-country",

Image 6

Charlotte drew a picture of the three amigas, I thought it was so cute.

Image 5

One of the reasons a 20 minute workout takes me over 50.

Image 4

This roadside puppy vendor had some pretty adorable options but our "no-bringing-animals-from-the-streets" policy won over cuteness.

Image 3

Guess what this says? "I bought coffee. Be strong woman." Guess who wrote it? ME!

Image 2

Ethiopia vs. Nigeria. Football (soccer) games here are like a holiday.

Image 1

The streets are like driving through an Ethiopian flag on game day.


We found a pool on a day off language school.  Nice time…though had a hilariously creepy backdrop.

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Kristi said...

whoa! That is a creepy backdrop! :) And I am SUPER impressed with your new language skills, strong woman! haha! Excellent photos! Missing you!

Anonymous said...

you are amazing... and indeed a strong woman! wow, geez!! keep it up. Oh, and what a creepy backdrop... I thought it was a pirates ship with its sails all torn up. LOL!
Love your weights... using cans. You know how to make do! And it makes this blog all the more unique!
Keep up the great work!!

HEidi C.