Friday, October 25, 2013

The Big 3-0

Decorating birthday cupcakes with The Littles is like 60% fun and 40% stressful.


The handsome man in our house turns 30 this weekend. 

We are heading out of town to join with a group from Lifesong for Orphans, so excited. :) 

We would be so grateful for all prayers offered for God's protective hand to guide us on the roads.


Mindy said...

Have a great weekend! I hope you have a wonderful time seeing some familiar faces!!! Happy Birthday Jon!

leah said...

Happy Birthday Jon -- hope you have a wonderful time with Lifesong!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jon!


Anonymous said...

Feliz cumpleaños Señor guapo!!!

Lisa y Bruce

Christen Leigh said...

So adorable!! I love their hair!

Anonymous said...

Happy, Happy Birthday... JON!! Wishing you God's blessing on your special day and many more!

Heidi C.