Thursday, October 31, 2013


When I said in the last post that we received undeserved gifts, I truly mean just that. We were benefactors of extravagant generosity. We were also tagging along with the team and so were about 1,000% humbled. Trying to write the entire experience over simplifies something that has layers of dynamics. I have recently felt voiceless as I investigate and pray through good practice on telling other's stories. For right now, the only story I feel equipped to tell is our own family's.  

That aside, the parents and staff had been secretly planning two "meetings" for when the Lifesong vision team would arrive. Our first stop, we watched children and then government officials give presentations and express their thankfulness at quality schools made available. Then the rounds of gifting started.

When I heard that The Littles were going to go in front of all of the parents and officials to receive a gift, I prepped them, "No matter what it is, be thankful and smile!" For good measure I added, "If you do good here, I will give you chocolate!"

They didn't have to feign delight as they opened their gift and were given beautiful Oromo dresses and all the accompanying jewelry and were promptly dressed by women.

IMG 5616

Next, the adults were called and given gifts.

IMG 5611

Jon and I each were also given an outfit. Have you ever had someone help you get dressed while several hundred people watch? Yeah, first time for me too.

IMG 5553

IMG 5569

 It was so special to see Gary and Peggy Ifft from Misgana Ministries be thanked for the tireless work they have done on behalf of these communities. 

IMG 5599

IMG 5627

We were so encouraged by our time with Bob and Ann, longtime friends from our church. 

IMG 5587

Waiting to be fed a traditional dish. Crushed barley, butter and spices. We were instantly given water afterwards as it somehow sucks all the moisture out of your mouth immediately. 

Being there was an indescribable blessing. Ceremony #2 coming tomorrow. :)


Sarah said...

That is so cool! So thankful you could connect with these people!

(Glad to see Ann on I know why she didn't call me back the other day...hehe. Thank s:))

Shari Fiechter said...

Lavished! A favorite word and concept to me.

Justin & Sarah said...

Wow. Just wow. What incredible experiences you have been given! And the fact that we get to see and share in them is such a blessing! Love you guys!

Captain Murdock {} said...

LOVED getting to meet you and your family last week! I'm still in awe at how amazing your girls did through all of that. Excited to be following along in what God is doing through you guys.