Monday, October 7, 2013

Meskel and The Big Bonfire

Thanks for your encouraging words since Friday's post. You bless me. 

Still looking back at Meskel because it is too good to skip, here's a recap of our neighborhood celebration...

IMG 5195

Jon, The Littles and Binyam watched the coffee ceremony start...

IMG 5187

Roasting green coffee beans over hot coals in preparation.

IMG 5185

Cooking tibs over an open fire. These are meat chunks from a bull.

IMG 5189

Elders are greatly respected here. The orange liquid is a homemade honey wine.

IMG 5222

The bonfire was lit. 

IMG 5221

All eyes were to the sky, watching the smoke and ash rise.

IMG 5229

There was dancing and singing (all night, but we only stayed until 10:00)

IMG 5245

The Littles (+Charlotte) and I moved over to the kid section, where they played as we waited for food. I tried to squat for awhile to not get muddy but eventually just sat. :)

IMG 5203

So proud of The Littles, who have become go-with-the-flow kiddos.

Happy Monday!


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